FOR busy professionals

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We remember so you don’t have to and help you get your to-do list done



  • We proactively remind you of upcoming needs and life events,  so you never miss a moment and always feel on top of things

  • We conduct customized research and offer personalized solutions, so you can spend more time enjoying life versus planning for it


How it works

  • Fill out a User Profile

First, you’ll need to complete an online User Profile. This helps us learn about you, your family and your life.  The information you provide in the User Profile also helps us understand the needs of you and your family and forms the building blocks of the customized plan we will create to support your needs.


  • Conduct an Intake Interview

The magic really begins with the intake interview. During our first interaction you’ll meet one of our Lifestyle Curators. During this meeting, we’ll ask you a few questions based on your user profile, but the focus on the meeting is really about getting to know you and your family– your preferences, your stressors, your joys, your dreams.

From here, we’ll develop a customized plan for how we support you.    Our Lifestyle Curators will keep track of everything: birthdays, anniversaries, the school Christmas recital. We will remember it all so you don’t have to. Haven’t been on a date night with your spouse in awhile? We’ll remind you of that too and make dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant, or the new hot spot in town.


  • Respond to our event reminders and follow-up communication

We’ll send you customized reminders based on your preferred mode of communication. For each reminder we will also provide you with a menu of options on how we can help.





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