At Speedwell & Yarrow, our mission is to help high-potential women thrive in their careers and support employers in the recruitment, retention and advancement of women.  

We know that women are ambitious and powerful.  We also know that women face unique challenges as they advance in their careers. Speedwell & Yarrow provides a support system that helps women to thrive - at work and at home - and works directly with employers to deliver product and service solutions to help women achieve their full potential.  


What's in a name?

The speedwell and the yarrow, two types of flowering plants, are also companions.  Companion planting is the science of strategically partnering plants together for mutual benefit.  Companion plants, as partners, help each other thrive and grow - providing nutrients, protection, and support.

Just as companion plants make one another stronger, more resilient and help one another to grow, Speedwell & Yarrow helps women thrive in their careers.